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NAJM Company Profile dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) Dance Culture is all around us. It is the society that surrounds and supports Dance Music. Our Interviews section features NAJM interviews with some of the best talent in Dance Music.
NAJM Music Also be sure to check out our DJ Resources area where we provide you with Links to the best dance music sites on the web!
Dance Music Artists:
   NAJM Featured Artists - NAJM Releases
   Interviews - Artists & DJ Perspectives on Dance Music
   Artists in Action Part 1 - Club Performance Reviews
News & Editorialism:
   NAJM Rant! - NAJM's Editorial Rant Page!
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  Dance Music Reviews:  
    Dance Music Review Archives - Complete Archive of all NAJM Music Reviews  
    Dance Music Charts - International Dance Charts  
    NAJM Top 100 - Millennium (1990-1999) Top 100 Countdown  
DJ Resources:
  Dance Music Links - Dance Music Resources
  NAJM Calendar of Events - Postings of Upcoming Conferences and Seminars
    What Do Remixer's Make? - NAJM Looks at Various Points of View  
    How To Survive & Change the Music Industry - NAJM Self Help Article  
    Record Pools - Directory of Record Pools  
    Dance Music News - NEWS That Concerns You!  
    NAJM Music - Music Production and Remixing Services  
    NAJM Underground - Unreleased Music Forum  
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Photo Galleries:
   WMC 2001 Part 1 - NAJM Disposable Camera Shots
   WMC 2001 Part 2 - DJ Ron Slomowicz - Dance Music Paparazzi
   WMC 2001 - Global Media Summit - Celebrity Media Event Photos
   WMC 2001 Awards Show - DJ Ron Slomowicz
   Billboard Dance Music Summit - NAJM's Photo Gallery of this NY Event (2000)
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South Florida Nightclubs:
    Club Directory & Club Reviews - Includes South Florida Nightclub listing

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