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Many of these events occur on a yearly basis around the same time, so if you've missed one, hang in there and catch it next year!





The Forum for Electronic Music. January, Cannes, France. Click HERE for weblink.


Billboard Dance Music Summit

Visit for more info and registration.


Winter Music Conference  March, Miami Beach, Florida - Click HERE for weblink.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)MEDIA MUSIC EXPO - Network, connect, meet, promote, let people know about your talent! Schedule meetings, organize, look for deals, do business and stay connected!!! BUILD YOUR CONTACTS WITHIN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! musicians, models, live acts, film-makers, hip hop, dance, rnb, latin music, singers, songwriters, live bands, artists, actors, producers, photographers, graphic artists, screen writers, journalists, performers, dancers are welcome! The MEDIA MUSIC EXPO will be a launching pad for music, and writing talent in the North East. With a panel of 50 plus music agents we will conduct a huge talent search for urban, dance, pop and latin music looking for singers, songwriters, rappers, live bands, artists, producers, and musicians. Participants will be screened prior to being registered to insure that only the best talent will be available. Target  Click HERE for weblink.

Amsterdam Dance Event  Europe's main electronic and dance music conference. Conference features several meeting and networking "lounges", plus all the typical conference amenities. Check out for more information.


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