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Well here it is... a brief look at the Billboard Dance Music Summit 2000 held this past July in New York City, through the eyes of the NAJM disposable camera.
NAJM Music

Ann Nesby & The NAJM Boys

HM, Ann Nesby, and DJPJ after the Artist Panel

Sandy B & The NAJM Boys

DJPJ, Sandy B, and HM after tha Artists Panel

Reina & The NAJM Boys

HM, Reina, and DJPJ after the Artists Panel

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DJPJ and Mikey D Merola

DJPJ and WKTU's Mikey D Merola

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BarbraTucker Stop Playing With My Mind!

DJPJ and his idol Abigail!

DJPJ and I See Stars Robin Fox!

Barbra Tucker Exposed!

DJPJ and Abigail!

DJPJ and Robin Rox

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Amber and HM

Gloria Gaynor and DJPJ

Mikey D and Robin Fox

Amber & HM

DJPJ & Gloria Gaynor!

WKTU's Mikey D Merola and Diva Robin Fox

Step Back In Time Panel

Step Back In Time Panel: Michael Paoletta, Jellybean Benitez, Mel Cheren, Jocelyn Brown, Francois K, Tom Moulton, Nile Rogers, Tom Silverman, & Michael Zager

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The Artists Panel
What You Need: Artists Panel: L to R (rear) SK8, Taana Gardner, Ann Nesby, Reina, and Sandy B. (front) Abigail, Amber, Billboard's Michael Paoletta, and Kristine W
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Abigail and HM Robin Fox and her producer Ford HM and Gloria Gaynor!
Abigail & HM Robin Fox and her producer HM & Gloria Gaynor
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Amber and DJPJ Kristine W Kevin Aviance
Amber and DJPJ Kristine W Kevin Aviance
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Check out Night #1 - Club New York!

Night #2 - Centro Fly

Night #3 - Webster Hall

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