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  The Architecture of Dance Music

March 2011 West Palm Beach, Florida


As a following up to their debut release “Que Pasa?”, south Florida based NAJM Records has released their follow up single entitled “Arabian Nights - The Remixes” featuring club thumping mixes covering a wide range of dance styles from deep house to Trance and even Dubstep.

Inspired by the massive rave held at the Arabian Nights entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida each year the first week of June, “Arabian Nights” is sure to capture the imaginations of any packed dance floor. NAJM featuring Nelson C released their debut single “Que Pasa?” in February 2011, and it was enthusiastically received. Debuting at #12 on the Latinos Unidas Record Pool based in NJ, “Que Pasa” continues to grow in popularity. Nelson even garnered the cover of Genre Latino Magazine based in Miami for the Winter Party Issue.

“Que Pasa - The Album” will be released Summer 2011.

NAJM featuring Nelson C - “Que Pasa?” the Remixes

NAJM featuring Nelson C - “Arabian Nights The Remixes”



  Que Pasa Remixes Debut at #12!!!

    February 2011 West Palm Beach, Florida


  Latinos Unidos Record Pool

  Latin House / House Chart February/March 2011





The Time (Dirty Bit)(Remixes)

Black Eyed Peas


Only Girl In The World/Whos That Chick (Geometric Remix)



Predator (Remixes)/ Take Control

Julissa Veloz


The Night Is Young (Remixes)

Nelly Furtado


Love Is The Answer (Remixes)

Ray Guell


Otro Jomo

Lokixximo ft DJ Mesta


Push (Remixes)



Bon Bon Remix

Pitbull ft Raul Soto


No Speak Americano/Abusadora Anthem

MDW ft Raul Soto



Taigon Aguilera


I Fly (Original Mix)

Delano Smith


Que Pasa Remixes

NAJM ft Nelson C

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Second Acts - Life Beyond Unemployment

February 2011 West Palm Beach, Florida


What do two architects do after getting laid off from the same company within minutes of each other? They begin work on a Latin infused dance pop album of course! What began as a joke has evolved into a full scale project consisting of a debut album and several forthcoming singles the first of which is the club inspired “Que Pasa?”

Having worked together as architects for several years, and victims of the ailing economy, West Palm Beach based musician/ producer Mark Hagan (NAJM) and Puerto Rico born Nelson Corchado (Nelson C) were faced with being unemployed in the worst job market in years. Instead of throwing in the towel, they each began work on their own creative endeavors. Nelson went on to have several art showings in local galleries throughout South Florida and continues to pursue a career as a professional artist.

Meanwhile Mark is no stranger to the music industry having run his own record label and releasing the UK based “Sugarglider’s Bee Sting Smile” featuring a remix by Sunscreem back in 2000. He also formed his own music publishing company and had several of his creations used on MTV’s “Made” and “My Super Sweet 16” television programs.


Nelson’s signature “Que Pasa” salutation inspired Mark to hit the studio once again to produce the new single. Without any expectations, the two experimented with creating a Latin inspired club anthem. “What started off as a casual experiment turned out better than either of us could have imagined. I am not a singer,” said Nelson “but that didn’t stop Mark from writing and producing an album’s worth of material for me to perform.”

“Much of the forthcoming album, also entitled “Que Pasa?” was inspired by our lives and our love for dance music, and club culture. Many of the songs are a tongue and cheek look at everyday things from dating to busting a move on the dance floor.” said Mark. “We hope our community will find ways to relate to the material and have fun with it.”


The Epic Musical "Ripper" is Announced

September 2003 West Palm Beach, Florida


The closing of Les Miserables earlier this year, marked the end of an era... a time when the mega spectacular musical dominated the stages and supported the box offices of Broadway. Cats, Miss Saigon, and Phantom of the Opera all defined a period of Broadway history when the mega production spectacular was king of the Great White Way.


Heralding in a new era of epic musicals, East Coast based MCHM Productions (backed by NAJM Records Inc.) have created an entirely original musical based on the Jack the Ripper mystery. "Ripper" is not just another show based on the 1888 serial killings; "Ripper" is a glorious tale of love withstanding the ravages of time, death, and judgment.

Although deeply routed in historical fact and context, MCHM's "Ripper" is a completely original story and is the product of writer Michael Carach (MC), and co-author, composer and lyricist Mark Hagan (HM). "We have gone beyond the expected and delivered a completely original side story to the Jack the Ripper slayings" said Carach. "Our "Ripper" transcends the historical facts, and produces a culmination of emotion, oppression, and the tension of societal class structure. The show is not only powerful and entertaining but also socially poignant."

"We did not set out to solve the mystery surrounding the Whitechapel murders of 1888, instead we focused on those peoples lives who were affected by those murders, and who took advantage of this unrest to fill personal agendas." said Hagan. "Their story needed to be told."

Both successful in their own professions, Carach and Hagan have returned to their childhood roots of writing musicals. Growing up in rural New Jersey, MCHM spent most of their early days writing musical parodies for their friends based on the popular musicals of that time. "It was all in good fun. We were doing our own version Forbidden Broadway or sorts" said Hagan. "We even went as far as attempting to stage our first musical in our own makeshift Barn Theatre."

After college, Carach entered the world of Television as a writer, producer and director, while Hagan became an Architect and later founded NAJM Records, an independent record label. Although wildly different career paths were chosen, Carach and Hagan always dreamt of that career defining creation that would allow them to explore musical theatre more passionately. "Ripper" gave that to us in aces" said Hagan, "I always gravitated towards the story of Jack the Ripper and started working on the concept almost ten years ago. The show in its present form didn't start to materialize until Mike came on board to co-write the book last year. We wanted to create a show that appealed to us as avid theatre goers. We love shows with a strong story, soaring ballads and powerful musical numbers, and "Ripper" delivers all of that."

"We created a show to get excited about on a international level," said Carach "and that hasn't happened since Phantom."


NAJM Records will be handling the publishing and record label duties of Ripper.


For more information, please visit MCHM Production's website:


  NAJM (No Attitude Just Music) First Anniversary
Can Nice Guys Finish First?

In a business where there never seems to be a shortage of attitude, there's a new game in town! The NAJM (No Attitude Just Music) Dance Music Network and GlobalDance Community website celebrates its' one year anniversary on December 1st, 2000.

"We don't manufacture divas" is their motto and being the nice guys in town has really paid off. "The No Attitude Just Music concept has really been a windfall for us" co-founder Mark Hagan said. "It acts like both a magnet and a filter at the same time. We develop mutually beneficial relationships with people who share our similar viewpoints and people who rely on their attitudes and egos to get them through the day simply stay away from us. After all, isn't it all about the music?"

In just one short year, the NAJM website has carried interviews of Thunderpuss, Martha Wash, Vicki Shepard, Robin Fox, Mon A Q, Erin Hamilton, and a slue of top names in the dance music industry that run the gambit from producers to radio mix show DJs. The NAJM guys have been quoted twice on MTV's website, and have received ink in both Keyboard and Future Music Magazines!

"We are going to be posting interviews with Amber, Richard "Humpty" Vission, Jana, Sunscreem, and Sugarglider very soon and we are working on lining up interviews with Paul Oakenfold, DJ Icey, Ann Nesby, and Abigail" co-founder Jesse Plance said. "NAJM will continue to focus our interviews on positive attitudes and how that has helped people succeed. We hope that by shedding light on some of the best talent in the business, dance music will rise to the forefront of the music industry as a whole."

"We are taking things slowly and deliberately" Hagan said, "Since the NAJM website does not accept advertising in order to keep our content pure, we have had to spin an independent record label off of the backside of the site in order to support it. We are gearing up for our long awaited debut release of the UK hit single "Bee Sting Smile" by the group Sugarglider featuring a world class remix by Sunscreem. We are completely dedicated to making this all work."

"We hope to help change the attitude of the music industry to be more user friendly. To create a positive network of individuals who are in this business for the love of the music and not for the purpose of promoting one's ego." Plance said. "There are so many wonderfully talented artists, producers, DJs, and remixers out there that have a lot to contribute. We hope that we can pave the way for that to happen."

As far as the notion that nice guys finish last? "We hope not," Hagan said "But if we do, we've made some wonderful friends in the business. In the end, a positive attitude always prevails."
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