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NAJM is proud to announce our debut single release! As many of you know, the NAJM (No Attitude Just Music) Dance Music Network is a non profit movement to promote dance music to the forefront of the music industry.

In order to help offset the running expenses of the site, NAJM has decided to spin an independent dance record label off of the backside of the site. We originally planned to release a compilation CD that featured the best of the NAJM site to date, but then something very special happened. We received a 12" promo of this amazing single that had sold out immediately in the UK by a group calling themselves "Sugarglider"! The single was so incredible, that we approached ADSR Records (UK, which is the label run by Sugarglider), and asked them if we could release it here in the states and over the Internet. The rest is history and we are deeply honored to bring you this premier release!

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Bee Sting Smile Available at!

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