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DJ Ron's Dance Music Paparazzi Shots!
NAJM Music

DJ Ron has been a long time supporter of the Dance Music industry. If you've ever attended a music conference, chances are you've seen Ron lurking around with his camera... just waiting for that opportunity to snap that candid shot that will capture the essence of your career!

All kidding aside, NAJM would like to thank DJ Ron for contributing these photos from this past year's Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. Thanks to Ron we are able to bring you this extended coverage of the Dance Music Industry's largest annual event! Enjoy!

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If this is DJ Ron (Then who shot this pic?)



DJ Ron (The One on the Left!) strikes a pose with Tommy Boy recording artist Amber!

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Barbara Tucker Living it up at Denny's! Strictly Rhythm's Bari G Gratuitous Booty Shot
DJ Boy George Playboy Bunnies? Are you hoppy to see them? DJ Boy George landing airplanes at Miami International Airport!

Byron Stingily at Denny's

Radical Carla from Radikal Records

Chris Cox spinning


Chris Cox (Thunderpuss) reassuring Peter Rauhofer that his name will be properly read later that night? Chris Cox (Thunderpuss) and his lovely wife Christine (from DMA)  
Danny C squeezing the life out of Sarina Paris DJ Central Bookends Columbia Record's David Jurman
The Village People's Indian - Felipe Rose at Denny's Scott Glowatsky, Joe Berinato, and Shelli Andranigian Danny C, Sarina Paris, and DJ Ron
Hosh Gurelli - thank this guy for saving Whitney Houston's career Laser's light The Ice Palace in Miami Jody Watley
  Jody Watley striking a pose! Linda Clifford ready for her close up Mr. DeMille! Loleatta Hollaway  
Andy Van from Madison Avenue spinning! DMA Editor Margaret Coble (on right) Mario Alayon and Gladys Pazzaro
  Marty Thomas Billboard Magazine's Michael Paoletta Danny C with NAJM (That's Us)  
  NAJM with Sugarglider's Phil Wyard Pepper Mashay serving it up at Denny's Would you like Hashbrowns with that?  
  Shelli Andranigian and Michael Paoletta Gratuitous Blond Shot #1 Gratuitous Blond Shot #2  
  SOBE Girls Radikal Record's Carla, Pete Glowatsky, and Margaret Coble DJ Ron, Shelli Andranigian, and Ivan Diller  



  Ultra Nate  
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