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At the end of each Winter Music Conference, the delegates are treated to an awards show. This year's WMC was no exception. Special guest stars included Ricky Martin, Lenny Kravitz, and Boy George! Performances were given by Amber, Byron Stingily, Mon A Q, Pepper Mashay amongst others.

Gone was the drama from last years award when Barbara Tucker mispronounced Peter Rauhofer's name. Technical glitches were kept to a minimum and overall the evening was entertaining.

Once again, NAJM is proud to bring to you our extended coverage of the WMC as seen through the eyes of the only and only Dance Music Paparazzi DJ Ron! Enjoy!

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DJ Ron with Buzz Publicity's Ellyn Harris

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Amber as Emcee Amber performing "Yes" her new release! Boy George
Miami resident Lenny Kravitz! Livin' La Vida Loca with Ricky Martin! 100% Crystal Waters

Virgin Record's new comer Brooke Allison

Byron Stingily

Chris Cox with his daughter accepting an award.

Danny C Brooke Allison with DJ Ron Ellyn Harris with her husband
The Village People's Felipe Rose Harry Towers DJ Lou Devito
Mon A Q performing "I Want You For Myself" Mario Alayon Andy Van from Madison Avenue!
Mon A Q Pepper Mashay Accepting Award Peter Rauhofer looking for Barbara Tucker...
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