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Media Services NYC Sponsored Event at Club Red!
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One of the more unique opportuniites that NAJM participated in during the Winter Music Conference was the Media Services organized First Annual Global Media Summit. The person who brought all of this talent together is none other than Oscar Poche who is an internationally syndicated writer and artist promoter of Media Services NYC.

The incredible event was held at Club Red on South Beach and featured an eccectic collection of superstar DJs, artists, and media outlets from all over the world! This is the kind of event that the organizers of the Winter Music Conference should have held! Read about the event in the story below.

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Global Media Summit 2001

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The Interviewing Area (Note the NAJM T-Shirt!)
Global Media Summit Attendees
Aphrodite (on Right) ATB with Jennifer Warner Constantino Padovano

DJ Smash

George Llanes Jr. Spinning it up in the DJ Booth at Club Red!

Artist Georgie Porgie

Isabela Fructuoso DJ Phil Turnipseed in the DJ Booth at Club Red! Soulstice
Spacekid Tall Paul Terry Hunter
Robert Miles & DJPJ The Slammin Boys NAJM with Phil Wyard of Sugarglider
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Global Media Summit Attracts Dance Music's Elite Hip Crowd! story by Jon Marz (Edited by NAJM)
Media Services Marketing hosted their first annual Global Media Summit Press Conference on Sunday March 25th at Club Red in Miami's South Beach during the Winter Music Conference. Among those in attendance to the star-studded event were ATB, Aphrodite, Robert Miles,Tall Paul, DJ Smash, Georgie Porgie, Richard Humpty Vission,Terry Hunter, Sugarglider, and Ultra Nate who were there to plug upcoming releases for the Summer and Fall.

GMS 2001: the brain child of Oscar Poche and Carlos Ortiz was created as an outlet to build up clients and attract new exposure to it's dance roster. Media Services gathered a who's who of New Media in Print, TV, and Radio including BBC London, Nu 107 Philippines, Fashion TV Paris, Click n Groove, BPM Culture,, reps from URB and MTVI, CTN (College TV Network/,, Net Radio, Channel 41 (Univison), Sonik Magazine,, E-Raver, Garage Net,, NAJM/, Groove, DJ Union, Underground Archives, and who were on hand to conduct interviews with over 60 recording artists and top DJ's.

"The event was well put together....It's something that the Winter Music Conference itself should have done" said Denny Marte of DM MUSIC who manages Michael Moog & singer Roland Clark. Darrin Rayner of Modern Groove, a company that designs video software for Sony Play Station 2 said "The event was excellent, as it provided an opportunity for artists to get through a number of interviews in a short time period - very important when there were so many interview requests and appearances that needed to be made in a relatively short period of time....Media Services,was extremely useful giving them access to artists they may not have otherwise been able to interview". Randy Phillips of Sonik Magazine, one of the participating media companies said "Global Media Summit was a good idea and the interview process was very strong"...."The whole event was professionally done. I felt at home and comfortable attending" said DJ Phenix from NY who produces tracks for Defected Records UK and other US labels. Others in attendance included Costantino "Mixmaster "Padovano (VOTU), Tony Mascolo (Modern Voices), Stacy Kidd, and the critically aclaimed band Soulstice with Slammin Boys(Galaxy 102 FM), DJ Odyssey, George Llanes Jr. (On It Records), Phil Turnipsed (Mixer, DJ Times), and Donny Novakovic (Edel America) manning the DJ decks. "So what made the event so special? "You mean besides bringing together Artists from every dance sub-genre together in one room to exchange words and music?" You would literally take a look around and think that you were at a press conference for the Grammys"....

"We put a lot of hard work into this, with a few bumps along the road" claims Media Services' marketing head Oscar Poche..."But it was by far the most exciting event we've put together in years"... "We will have another one next year even bigger than this one and that I can guarantee." Media Services Marketing is currently working publicity, radio, and retail projects for Blue Note, Capitol, Sony Music, Modern Voices, Def Mix/Definity, SHR - After Hours, Universal, and Radikal Records. Reach them at 212-594-9355. Also log onto their marketing web-site at and stay connected.

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