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Disposable Camera Shots!
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Here is a brief look through the NAJM Disposable Camera at this year's Winter Music Conference held on South Beach in March. These are some of our favorite shots that we took during the conference. Be sure to check out DJ Ron's Paparazzi Shots as well as his photo coverage of the International Dance Music Awards that featured some surprise guests!

NAJM also participated in one of the most unique events of the Winter Music Conference called the Global Media Summit. Organized by Oscar Poche of Media Services NYC, the incredible event was held at Club Red on South Beach. It featured an eclectic collection of superstar DJs, artists, and media outlets from all over the world! Some of our best shots are illustrated below, but check out the more comprehensive Global Media Summit (GMS) Gallery as well!

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This Photo Sums It All Up!



Phil Wyard of Sugarglider getting his groove on at The Ice Palace Studios!

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Robert Miles & DJPJ at the Global Media Summit NAJM with Phil Wyard of Sugarglider at the GMS Richard "Humpty" Vission & DJPJ at the GMS
Michael Moog & DJPJ at the Global Media Summit Ultra Nate with NAJM at the Global Media Summit HM with Felipe Rose of the Village People! (The Indian)

DK Keri with DJPJ at the Global Media Summit

HM with DJ Phoenix at Club Red

Power 96's own Felix Slammin Sama at the Poolside DJ Spin-off

The Ice Palace Studios converted into a Dance Music Theme Park! Moog & DJPJ at the Global Media Summit Moog & DJPJ at the Global Media Summit
Phil Wyard of Sugarglider Hamming it up with DJPJ at Club Red! Roland Clarke with DJPJ at the Global Media Summit Poolside DJ Spin Off Onlookers
Let's Get Soaking Wet with Pepper Mashay and HM WMC Attendees recovering Poolside! Poolside DJ Spin Off
BT with's Jennifer Warner at the Global Media Summit Hotel Radisson Deauville Pool and WMC Attendees Pepper Mashey with DJPJ!
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Check Out the Global Media Summit Photos!

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