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NAJM is very interested in promoting the voices behind the creation of dance music. From up and coming new artists, to seasoned DJ's, NAJM brings you their unique perspectives.






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    The Village People's Own Felipe Rose  
    NAJM chats with this Iconographic Indian!  
    Martha Wash - "Listen To The People"  
    Dance music icon from Sylvester to the Weather Girls  
    Robert Miles - Mega Chart Topping Instrumentalist - Organik  
    NAJM spoke with Robert at the Global Media Summit In Miami  
    Ultra Nate - Strictly Rhythm Recording Artist  
    Stranger Than Fiction  
    KromOzone Project - Florida based Randy Lance  
    The force behind Stay In Love, Take My Love, & Luv With U  
    Amber - The Crossover Dance Artist Remixed!  
    Bridging the gap between dance and popular up-tempo music!  
    Thunderpuss - "Remixing Masters Hard at Work"  
    With a total of 7 #1 Remix Hits to their credit Thunderpuss is HOT!  
    Thunderpuss Revisited  
    Barry Harris & Chris Cox Presents: Thunderpuss  
    Simon Posford  
    Better known as Hallucinogen, and 1/2 The Shpongle project  
    Tristan - UK DJ - Twisted Sessions  
    One of the global psychedelic scene’s leading players!  
    TKA Forever  
    Freestyle Masters Return with a New Sound!  
    Aphex Twin - Drukqs  
    London Sire Recording Artist (Interview courtesy of Damion Brown)  
    The Rhythm Masters  
    NAJM Catches up with this dynamic duo in New York  
    Michele Crispin Superstar!  
   Former Fem to Fem Lead Singer launches solo career!
  Erin Hamilton "Mini Diva"
  Debut album "One World" is Out of this World!
  Marina - New York's "Um Lotty Da" Diva!
  Writer, Producer, Remixer & Performer Chats from her NY Studio.
    Danny "C" - Arista's National Record Promoter  
    Winner of "Best National Promoter for a Major Record Label"  
    Vicki Shepard - The Me In Cappella's "You & Me" Speaks Out!  
    NAJM Exclusive - Never Before Told Story!  
    Vicki Shepard - International Diva on Dance Music Part 2  
    "Somewhere 2000" Released!  
    Mon a Q - Stay In Love with Mon a Q Unleashed!  
    She's back with a new production by the Berman Brothers!  
    Robin Fox - South Florida Trance Diva & Her Producer FORD  
    "I See Stars" Summer Breakout Hit  
    Rubin Martinez - Nene Musik Talent Agency Founder  
  NAJM caught up with Rubin in Miami to discuss the role of an agent
    Sugarglider - UK Based Dance Music Trio  
    Creators of "Bee Sting Smile" & ADSR Records  
    Corinne - "This One's For You"  
    Sweden's Dance Music Sweetheart  
    Greg Rule - Ruling The Remix Turf Part 1 of 2  
    Keyboard Magazine Editor talks shop with NAJM!  
    Greg Rule - Remix Shop Talk Part 2 of 2  
    Learn the remix basics and find out which tools work!  
    Richard "Humpty" Vission - Shut The F*** Up And Dance!  
    Grammy Award Nominated DJ Producer  
    Blank & Jones Invade The Big Apple  
    Progressive Trance Masters - Jon Marz Interview  
    DJ Smash - A Blue Note Mix  
    Jon Marz interview submitted by Media Services NYC  
    David Lawson from Drummer Street Records  
    "Somewhere 2000" Producer / Remixer Chats with NAJM!  
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