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“Sounds of a Better World” is not your typical dance music compilation, but it has spawned one of this year’s best dance singles, Martha Wash’s “Listen To The People”. Actually “Sounds of a Better World” is not a dance album at all, in the traditional sense of the word. “Sounds of A Better World” is far more a world beat gospel inspired theatrical release from the creative mind of Jim Papoulis who composed it.

Both the sales of the recordings and the benefit concert earlier this year at Carnegie Hall in New York will support The Foundation For Small Voices, which plans to bring both awareness and funding to programs focusing on the importance of child development as a key to our global future. Such charities include "Side By Side", a NY based organization designed to cultivate leadership skills and foster social awareness; "Tomorrow's Children", a NJ based organization that provides programs and services to children with cancer; and "St. Christopher's, Inc." whose goals are to provide family reunification for foster children.

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The album opens with “Is It Hope” that features Geoffrey Holden, Phoebe Snow and Odetta. “Is It Hope” sets the mood of the album with its anthem like tone. Martha Wash’s gospel rock version of “Listen To The People” follows and quickly lifts the recording into an inspired and hopeful collection of songs centered on awareness.

All of the tracks are inspirational in nature and feature an eclectic mix of voices that include Martha Wash, Wendy Moten, Matt Goss, David Baker, and a myriad of various choirs from all over the world. There is even a symphonic performance by the University of Miami Symphony Orchestra (my alumni, Go Canes!).

The last three tracks are labeled as bonus tracks and contain a radio friendly version of “Open My Heart” featuring Matt Goss and Caryl Papoulis. The last two tracks are dance remixes of “Listen To The People”, the first being the “Middle America Radio Mix” (4:49) by Micheal Castaldo and Elliot Thomas. Unlike previous remix versions, this one includes additional vocals that make it stand apart. Last, but not least, is the “Anthem Radio Edit Mix” (4:09) by Keith Haarmeyer. This mix is a shortened version of his very successful club track available on the “Remix Collection” (SEE REVIEW).

“Sounds of A Better World” accomplishes many things in terms of bridging the gap between hard hitting vocal house music and the more traditional gospel flavored world beat music. More importantly, the album will open the minds and the hearts of its listeners.

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