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NAJM featuring Nelson C


South Florida based NAJM Records brings to you another hot club thumping dance release in time for Summer. This progressive house friendly track will fill your dance-floors.


Nelson C is an artist from Puerto Rico and NAJM is a producer, writer, musician, and the co-founder of, a site dedicated to the promotion of dance music.

A full length album called "Most Beautiful Man" released February 7, 2012.

NAJM Dance Culture
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UPC CODE: 809827000299 - Suggested Retail Price $3.99
  Single Track Listing:


Track #1 - La Dolce Vida (Radio Edit) (3:51) 128 BPM

Track #2 - La Dolce Vida (Dubstep Mix) (6:07) 140 BPM

Track #3 - La Dolce Vida (Chill Mix) (4:25) 128 BPM

Track #4 - La Dolce Vida (Album Edit) (4:37) 128 BPM

Track #5 - La Dolce Vida (Dubstep Radio Edit) (3:48) 140 BPM

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About Nelson C


NAJM featuring Nelson C "La Dolce Vida" uses sound samples courtesy of Sounds/To/Sample

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Cover Photograph by Peter Scott Photography


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