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NAJM featuring Nelson C "Most Beautiful Man"


This Latin infused dance pop remix collection evolved from the full length debut album “Most Beautiful Man,” released last year. This album resulted in a string of singles and remix releases that are now featured in this new collection.

NAJM Dance Culture
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Que Pasa The Remixes - Najm Featuring Nelson C

Release Date: January 15, 2013
UPC CODE: 809827000305 - Suggested Retail Price $9.99
  Track Listing:

1 Arabian Nights (Dance Mix Radio Edit) 3:49
2 Arabian Nights (Dubstep Dub) 7:43
3 Arabian Nights (Dubstep Radio Edit) 4:14
4 Arabian Nights (Extended Club Mix) 7:57
5 Arabian Nights (Extended Dub) 7:58
6 Arabian Nights (Extended Trance Mix) 8:38
7 Arabian Nights (Original Mix) 5:25
8 La Dolce Vida (Chill Mix) 4:25
9 La Dolce Vida (Dubstep Radio Edit) 3:48
10 La Dolce Vida (Original Mix) 6:20
11 La Dolce Vida (Radio Edit) 3:51
12 Most Beautiful Man (Dance Mix Radio Edit) 4:46
13 Most Beautiful Man (Dubstep Dub) 7:39
14 Most Beautiful Man (Dubstep Radio Edit) 4:27
15 Most Beautiful Man (Extended Dance Dub) 8:13
16 Que Pasa (Chill House Mix) 6:54
17 Que Pasa (Extended Club Mix) 8:22
18 Que Pasa (Extended Dub) 8:22
19 Que Pasa (Original Mix) 3:50
20 Que Pasa (Radio Edit) 3:05
21 Que Pasa (Shake Da Windows Hip Hop Mix) 6:22
22 Que Pasa (Video Mix) 3:46


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NAJM featuring Nelson C "Most Beautiful Man" uses sound samples courtesy of Sounds/To/Sample

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