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NAJM (No Attitude Just Music) Dance Music Network and GlobalDance Community was formed in 1998 to promote dance music and give indie artists a voice. In 2001 NAJM Records Inc., a small independent dance music label based in South
Florida was launched with their debut release of the UK group “Sugarglider.” The debut release of “Bee Sting Smile” featuring a remix by Sunscreem, received glowing press in publications such as Billboard, DJ Times, DMA, Future Music, and Keyboard magazines. Additionally the single consistently charted at the top of many national record pools. In 2005, “No Attitude Just Music Publishing” was formed as an ASCAP music publishing company and placed several NAJM tracks on MTV’s “Made” and “My Super Sweet 16” television programs.

NAJM founder Mark Hagan is a composer, song writer, lyricist, playwright, music producer, musician, and creative director.

NAJM Dance Culture
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Mark graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor Degree of Architecture. He continues to compose, write and produce music across many genres including musical theatre, dance music, film and television.

In addition to his work with Nelson C, NAJM Presents “Urban Textures” has recently been released. “Urban Textures,” is an eclectic blend of electronic, house, jazz, and instrumental music. Billed as sophisticated sounds for urban spaces, Urban Textures
is a 20-year long project that features compositions by indie artist NAJM. Digitally recorded in South Florida, “Urban Textures” also features live field recordings such as the Toronto Rocket subway.

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