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About Nelson C

Born in the small coastal town of Isabela on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, artist Nelson C worked his way through college on a track & field scholarship. Nelson graduated from the University of Puerto Rico and became a runway model for a short period of time.


NAJM Dance Culture
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After moving to South Florida Nelson C began his career as an Architect working at various high profile Architectural firms throughout South Florida. Additionally he expanded his creative outlet by establishing NCart, a small independent art studio where he produces art pieces and continues to have his
works shown in galleries throughout South Florida.


Nelson C met NAJM’s Mark Hagan back in 2005 when they became co-workers at an architectural firm. Quickly becoming friends, both were eventually laid off after the economic downturn decimated the company that once employed them. Combining their creative talents, they began work on “Que Pasa” which is the first single from their forthcoming album by the same name. Nelson C’s projects are reflective of both his deeply private life and his outwardly expressive personality.

  Cover Photograph by Dale Stine
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)Photograph by Peter Scott


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