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NAJM featuring Mark Hagan


"Metro 2" is the first single from “Urban Textures 2." “Metro 2” features a trip aboard the world famous Chicago L train and portions of it were recorded live. Creatively capturing the syncopated sounds of mass transit, "Metro 2" represents a unique view of life in Chicago as captured by this innovative musician.

Mark Hagan (NAJM) is a composer, pianist, and record producer based in South Florida who graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Architecture. He applies this architectural knowledge to his music by focusing on the physicality of urban spaces and their human experiences.

NAJM Dance Culture

Que Pasa The Remixes - Najm Featuring Nelson C also available at Google Play

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Release Date: December 10, 2013
UPC CODE: 809827000367 - Suggested Retail Price $.99
  Single Track Listing:


Track #1 - Metro 2 (Video Mix) (4:08)


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Cover Photograph by Peter Scott Photography

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