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NAJM Company Profile dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) NAJM presents Urban Textures 1.5 (Collector's Edition)
South Florida based NAJM announces "Urban Textures," an eclectic blend of electronic, house, jazz, and instrumental music. Billed as sophisticated sounds for urban spaces, Urban Textures is a 20-year long project that features compositions by indie artist NAJM. Digitally recorded in South Florida, "Urban Textures" also features live field recordings such as the Toronto Rocket subway.
NAJM Dance Culture
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Que Pasa The Remixes - Najm Featuring Nelson C

  UPC CODE: 809827000312
  Track Listing:

01 Melting Pot
02 Drum A Go Go
03 Swing Jazz
04 The Chase
05 Metro
06 Across The Dance Floor
07 Street Strut
08 Spring Time Central Park
09 Urban Grooves
10 Know 4 Sure
11 Good Love
12 SOBE Smile
13 Are You Sleeping
14 I Think We're In Love
15 Urban Jungle
16 Martini Kiss
17 Do Project
18 Really Love (Dub
19 Everything U Say
20 Wired 4
21 Merge
22 Intero
23 Come Inside
24 3030
25 The Human Spirit (Finale)



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