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NAJM Music "We don't manufacture Divas!" NAJM Records Inc. is located in South Florida, USA. We firmly believe that the music comes first. Music is the universal language of expression and can touch the soul like no other art form. It should not be treated as a vehicle to promote one's ego.  We here at NAJM felt so strongly that we decided to model our company on that very premise. "No Attitude Just Music". It seems like such a simple concept, but many people get distracted by things that keep them from their ultimate potential.

We are hardworking and dedicated. Our studio features the very latest in Pro Tools technology. We offer a full suite of remixing and producing services from demos to world wide digital distribution and promotion.

We have vision and we will make a change in this business. This site has been created out of our love of music. This is our digital voice in the vastness of cyberspace. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you, our global audience!

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